"The Essence of Forgiveness" - Matt Kahn  


 Angelic Guides - How to elevate your Vibrations


​Zorra of Hollow Earth


Jesus/Sananda through John Smallman

Being peaceful and relaxed in your daily lives is part of your reason for being human.


Message from the Crystal Kingdom

Crystals are much like the trees, in respect that they, too, are waiting for you to acknowledge them as "Living Beings" encased in stone, who are ready and eager to communicate with you become a pat of your life. 
..you can bring yourself back into the the rhythm of Nature by surrounding yourselves and your homes with Crystals. 

                              From Dianne Robbins

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Zorra of Hollow Earth Spiritual Teachings

 "Healing through Grounding with Mother Nature" 

         Documentary movie:    https://youtu.be/b8b_lg2z8Nc