​Zorra of Hollow Earth


"Every moment that you do not live in ease and acknowledge the NOW and being the Now Forever is called being impatient and the moment will slip by into eternity, and the ending of your life shall be in moments away. That is the acceptance of time and the acceptance of death."      Ramtha

 "Healing through Grounding with Mother Nature" 

         Documentary movie:    https://youtu.be/b8b_lg2z8Nc

Message from the Hollow Earth

​"Your health is linked to your wealth. by this we mean your emotional health-your feeling body-for the healthier you "feel" the clearer and purer your thoughts and feelings, the clearer your intentions will be. "

"In the Hollow Earth, we all live from our heart center and radiate only the 

tranquility within us.  This tranquility permeates the whole cavity of the Earth and brings us the health and riches that surround us always."

                              From Dianne Robbins
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