​Zorra of Hollow Earth


"The moment you switch gears and return your focus of attention to something else you want or don't have, you will lose your sense of well-being and feel discontent. Your mind will again begin searching for something outside itself to gain satisfaction perpetuating the cycle of unhappiness."  

                                  Richard Carlson, PhD

 "Healing through Grounding with Mother Nature" 

         Documentary movie:    https://youtu.be/b8b_lg2z8Nc

Message from the Hollow Earth

"In the Hollow Earth, we all live from our heart center and radiate only the 

tranquility within us.  This tranquility permeates the whole cavity of the Earth and brings us the health and riches that surround us always."

                              From Dianne Robbins
​​                        www.DianneRobbins.com

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