"2017 is the Year for Galactic Disclosure."

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Jan. 21, 2017

Hello Beloved Masters,

 Here's the complete information and link for all of you about a private conference call we had with Zorra, Zaraya, One Who Knows and myself today. It cover's the information about the 800#s, free will and more. 

We thank One Who Knows for making this link possible for all of us. 


May harmony, peace, joy, love, laughter and healing be with each of you.


​Quazar, Zaraya, ZORRA and Saraiya





Hello beloved Masters,

It seems that waiting for the 800#s are foremost on peoples minds and they find themselves at a loss for what to focus on in the meantime. We are also anticipating what will come of the inauguration.
Things are just up in the air! 

So how about we concentrate on the energy of Love. How about letting Love just fill you up and Light you up
and know that whatever happens is going to be perfect as it will be in Divine order. 

Know that you do have an important part in the manifestation of whatever is, so lift you vibratory frequency higher and higher with your thoughts, words and actions. 
You can do it, we can do it. Do it at every moment. Let our collective frequency and consciousness levels reach the heavens. Let go of all 3D illusions and only allow only that brings you truth, joy, peace, harmony and much laughter become your true reality. And so it is.  

Now if you did not yet listen to the latest conference call on Jan. 15, 2017 with Zorra, One Who Believes and myself, here is the link below. During this call, I did have to interrupt and ask Zorra to give as clear an answer about the arrival of the 800#'s and if it sounded as if I was pressuring and seemed disrespectful that was not my intent in any way. I was only trying to make it clearer so people would not misunderstand what was being said since some people said it was not clear on the previous Blogtalk radio show.  Here is the link:


Other Updates:
I received this message from Suzy Star a couple of days ago.  She is a wonderful Lightwkrker in her eighties who is driven to get better because she has a large humanitarian project she wants to see through to completion and now needs a little of our help. Here is her letter below. If you can, here is her letter. 

Dear Ones, 
Now that my Stem Cell treatment has happened it has been determined that I need further surgery to complete the procedure. I have been to the rehab center to build up my strength prior to this surgery  My insurance did not cover all the expenses incurred so now I am struggling to pay these bills while I wait for the good Doctors to perform the needed surgery. Please help me with this. Any donation big or small from many contributors will ease this burden. You can also help by ordering Gematria Products at my special price listed on my website, www.suzystar.net and Gematria will credit me with their wholesale price.You can also contribute through my PayPal account or at the site listed below.


For those of you who prefer to send me a check, my mailing
address is: 87948 Dowdy Lane, Springfield, O97478
and if you would like to see an update on my mission in
life: www.suzystar.net

A Special Mention:

"A Thank you to One Who Believes"

Many, many of our Zorra community very much appreciate your hard work (joy) and sharing your insights and wisdom with all of us. We just wanted to let you know that what you do at the front lines of our Dinarland media takes love and courage to speak the truth even when it does not align with others especially when you uncover misinformation.  We all look forward to more of your encouraging and wonderful work. Keep up the great work! We thank you very much!!!

 From:  Zorra and the Hollow Earth Community

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!

Quasar and  Zaraya

P.S. A few of you have emailed us stating that part of the newsletter becomes chopped off. Constant contact checked into this matter and said that the newsletter is not the problem and that it maybe coming at your end. So check with your phone or computer provider. Maybe they could correct the issue. We apologize that you are having this issue. 



Today, Jan. 12th, on the Blogtalkradio show,  we covered many topics from the high energies that are flooding Terra earth, to the Intel news of the RV, Trump, the Republic, to Taansen and then One Who Believes and also about Anne. It was insightful, meaningful as it was informative and loving. 

​We invite you to come and listen to our call:


In addition, come and see this link below:

Title: "Fear Feeds Itself" by One Who Believes



Zorra's blogtalkradio show 1-7-2017


Replay: the call was saved-thanks to One Who Believes who sent this link. Excellent message from One Who Believes who inspires and teaches at the same time. Taansen, of course, continues to provide us with important information especially related to our blessings.  He reminds us through his work, that we must align with what we believe in and that is freedom from the present enslavement due to our present financial system and government.  


​When I thought the call was not recorded, One Who Believes suggested that we have a quick conference call with Zorra which we did and here it is. Turned out to be a 45 min. call and it's worth listening to!

Summary from One Who Believes:

Listen To Call:

Download Link:

Call Notes:

Some Of The Important Intel Points


No Groups Needed
Individuals can exchange at the high rates
We will get 800#s to call when it is time
There will be 800#s for other countries as well
There are exchange/redemption centers at offsite locations
Expecting a BIG Announcement in Europe Shortly
Big Meeting going on in Washington at this moment on the GCR
All Countries have high "Sovereign Rates" just different amounts for different countries
Iraq Is Done RE: NESARA

The Plan: It will be announced before or perhaps during the GCR
The Republic will be announced shortly as well
Cease Fire in Iraq Due to HUGE UFO "Decloaking" and telling them to quit fighting
All People of the Earth will get funds from the St. Germaine's Trust
Plan is that Trump Will Not Be President
New Election will in 120 days to elect a new PresidentFree Will

Free Will, will be restricted temporarily, just to get the GCR started and then returned back to normal
The date and time of Free Will Removal will not be publishedVideos: Zorra's Ship Destroying 150 mile wide Asteroid Over Russia, saving the World.

Thank You Zorra!

Alien UFO Shoots Down Russian Meteor 2013 (HD)

Amazing UFO attacked the meteorite to defend ourselves, Russia, Feb 15, 2013 HD

Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteor explosion that stirred panic in Urals region

































​Zorra of Hollow Earth