"2017 is the Year for Galactic Disclosure." Zorra

Dear beloved Masters,

REPLAY-Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017

Dr. Russell Johnson has investigated and has researched is very knowledgeable about topics and related information pertaining to Aliens, Admiral Byrd, Roswell, Crop Circles, UFO's and much, much more. So from 1994 and for 23 yrs , he started his American Broadcasting Station which reached 30 stations across the USA with his weekly interesting, unusual
and very unique interviews.

Now the time has come again for him to do it again! That is, he will have weekly interviews that are relevant to the above topics and more. He feels that our public is ready and is looking for this type of information! His talks will assist in discerning rumor and conjectures versus the truth. We look for forward to his Of course, you have to make your own decisions.
Today, was the first of these interviews which was with our beloved Zorra. His interview with Zorra was exceptional and here is the replay for you.

It was only 1/2 hr. long because Dr. Johnson was cut off due to Hurricane Irma but that 1/2 hour was packed full of information, some I never heard before. It will be worth your time to listen.
Date: Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017
Replay: 641-715-0744, Access: 554387#, Ref 27 OR
Dr. Russell Johnson will continue his interview next Sunday with Zorra. We will give the details at a later time.

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MONDAY, SEPT. 11, 2017:


With The A.G.E. Pill Creating Unprecedented Momentum!
Corporate is getting ready to make the coveted "Billion Dollar Run"
Join Aaron Rennert Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing and GM of Sisel International, tomorrow (Monday) as he unveils the Brand New SISEL! Get an exclusive first look at our new logo, packaging, website, comp plan (money has been added!) and more!
Date and time:
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Replay of Zorra's Call 9-9-17
Zorra guided all of us in a very powerful meditation to move and calm Hurricane Irma. He stated that he and Prime Creator were working with Mother Terra and Hurricane Irma.
Then, we had a fantastic call with our special guests Daphne Begg and Bill Whitely! They provided excellent information of Sisel's International A.G.E. Pill. They shared many testimonials too! It is a true miracle product that does everything to completely transform you and your body to being and feeling many years younger than you are now!

Replay of Sisel International's webinar 9-5-2017

Sisel International's Owner and CEO, BILL MOWER spoke about The A.G.E. Pill. He can boast of the amazing and unbelievable testimonials because he is a walking testimony. He is one of many already experiencing the very positive affects. There has never been a product like this in the world!
Here's the replay that was awesome!
Sizzlers Team:

Replay of latest call, Aug. 31: 712-770-4169 / 733027#

Listen to Impressive Testimonials on The AGE PILL!
Dial in to recording: 712-770-4169 / Code 733027#

Interested in The A.G.E. Pill go to:
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Contact: Jane Stevens or Billie Faye Woodard
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Customer Service at Sisel Intl: 810-704-6700

Healing Intention:
Let us exercise our god and goddess powers by remembering to send healing love energies to calm any potential hurricanes and other disasters that might bring harm to humanity. We intend that all the people and creatures are always protected. It is done and we know it! So be it!



Dear ones,
Once again I have to humble myself by reaching out to you as I don't
have enough money to pay all my living expenses. I used to supplement my
income with sales of Lechenya Meera and since the government stopped
my supplier by confiscating all her product I cannot rely on that source of
income and my Gematria sales has not happened lately.
 Again I find myself without funds. If you are able to, please help me.
Either by PayPal or
or a check in the mail
Suzy Star
87948 Dowdy Lane
Springfield, OR 97478

Blessings &  Love,


Sept. 7, 2017 Avo informed us that he (Avedis Dermikaelian) and his family need our help again. He has until Sept. 15th to move out of their apt.. He says "I found a new place in Fremont, CA and please I need your prayers and I need Help financially only way I can move in this place and need more money please". 
Here is his information:
Name:  Avedis Dermikaelian
Email:  surphyer999@gmail.com
Address:  4261 Stevenson Blvd., Apt 194
                          Freemont, CA  94538
Tel #:  510-925-9006

He has a paypal account so we can send money to him more quickly: click on  "send to friends and family" and use his email address to identify him on paypal.com. His email again is:  surphyer999@gmail.com 
Google his work:  Murals by Avo.
We all know that our exchange is at hand, but in the meantime, please let us all try and help them. Let us also send him our love and support that he will triumph over this situation. 



Special Radio Show with Ted Mahr

On this Friday's August 25th, 2017 radio show from 2 pm to 4 pm PDT, both hours will be devoted to Mt. Shasta, Telos, and the Hollow Earth.

During the first hour from 2 pm to 3 pm PDT, I will be interviewing Dr. Angel Fernandez. Dr. Angel Fernandez, who organized the wonderful, and amazing Third World Conference of Peace and Light in the Dominican Republic. See: www.paxluxmundi.com Dr. Fernandez will be talking all about Telos and the Hollow Earth!

During the second hour from 3 pm to 4 pm PDT, I will be interviewing Billie Woodard, and his wonderful father, Zorra, who is from the Hollow Earth – this should be a really amazing interview! 
Their website is: http://www.zorraofhollowearth.com

To listen during the show, tune into 1150 Am in Seattle/Vancouver, Canada, or listen online at: www.1150kknw.com (and click “listen live”).

After the show, please listen at: www.outofthisworld1150.com

TOMORROW, SATURDAY- Aug 26th, we have our "ZORRA CALL" and Special Guest, BZ Riger from I-UV.com! Will send details later!


Aug. 18, 2017 - Aquarian Radio Interview with Zorra, Zaraya and Jane/Quazar 

Dear beloved Masters, 

We have been invited to an interview on Friday, Aug. 18th. The interview will be given by Experiencer's Network - Aquarian Radio on Blogtalk Radio. Our hosts are Janet Kira Lessin, Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin and Karen Christine Patrick. 
We look forward to meeting with them and as you all know, it will be a wonderful call filled with loving energy and NEW information. I'm sure ZORRA will also talk about current updates! Come and listen to this special 2 hour call. Here's the information. 

Date: Friday, Aug. 18, 2017
Time: 2 pm HST
5 pm PDT
6 pm MDT
7 pm CDT
8 pm EDT

Website link:

Call in: 646-649-0893 to listen or chat.

See you all then. 
May harmony peace, joy, love and laughter be with all of you!

Missed the Atomy call today, 8-17-17?
No worries. We had a very good conference call with Jane Mannette, a transformational speaker, teacher and trainer who specializes in the area of helping people understand how wellness works and is an expert coach in the area of attaining and reaching personal goals. 

She spoke highly of the Atomy products and that they are careful, meticulous and thorough in their research, development and manufacturing. That is why, for example only a very small fraction of 1% of products are returned. Amazing!

She spoke about the philosophy of Atomy and their intent is not about making people wealthy at the top. Their first intention is Global Wellness and secondly to bring Prosperity to many more people through their Compensation Plan versus other companies plans. 
The replay information is below. So good to re-listen to! Always learning something new! Remember, Atomy is "new" to most people, so inform and share this with others! 

Play back: (641) 715-0744, Access code: 554387#, Ref 24.


Jane Mannette has a conference call this Saturday, Aug. 19th!
Dial-in: 515-739-1015, Access: 621-521-374 
Time: 10 am Eastern, 9 am Central, 
8am Mountain and 7am Pacific! Learn and enjoy!

Atomy Members:
If you are an Atomy member already and have someone who is interested in the products, here's the process for them:
1. Go to: www.atomy-usa.com
2. Click to login and you give them your
ID number and give them the guest password. Most use 123456 unless you have created a different one. 
3. This will give them access to see all of the products and information but won't be able to see the prices. 
4. When someone wants to become a member, ask them to call you and you can guide them through the process. 
For any of you who have questions or need additional assistance, please call me. In the beginning, it is sometimes confusing, so call. Our number is 719-428-9746.
If you can't reach me, call Jane Mannette at 954-260-4017 or call Atomy Customer Service number: 253-946-2344.

Interested in the Products?
If you came on the call and do not have a sponsor, and would like to see the products you can go to www.atomy-usa.com then using our ID# S8388791 and using our guest password 123456, you can check out all of the products. Feel free to call us for more information. 

  Contact us at: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com or          
  Call: 719-428-9746
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      "Zorra"  Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017

PLACE:  http://blogtalkradio.com/zorraofhollowearth

Guest Call In:  516-418-5563



DATE:  Aug, 2, 2017


PLACE:  http://blogtalkradio.com/zorraofhollowearth

If you missed the call on 7-29-17 - Saturday, here are the links:  

1) Atomy - comprehensive call with Jane Mannette and Florence Lindor RN

https://fccdl.in/tKhyTG6bL  or the replay is

Dial-in:  641-715-0744, access:  554387#, ref 23

2) Zorra - TDA link: http://blogalkradio.com/zorraofhollowearth 



ZORRA, SARAIYA, Zaraya and Quazar


Below is the link to the entire call - includes speaker Jane M. and Florence L. on the amazing Atomy products during the second half of the show. Come and listen to see if you feel these can help you. Sign up without a fee, no contract or obligation to purchase.
If you are interested, let us know. Email us at bzjrainpartners@gmail.com or call 719-428-9746 or 9713 and leave a message so we can call you. 


Love to ALL

"Attention All PMB Affiliates"

If you missed our Wednesday's, July 12th, call  with Peter Sterling here is the link for the re-play. 

Dial: 641-715-0744, Access: 554387#, Ref 22


Peter's inspirational and spiritual leadership shows even as he speaks on practical topics such as PMB's Back Office. It was a 1 and 1/2 hr.  thorough and comprehensive tour of PMB's Back Office. Be on your back office before listening. Don't miss this re-play! It was excellent.

Important to know:  Shipments of products are delayed so it may take more than a couple of weeks. This is temporary and we appreciate your patience. 

For all questions and concerns, please email PMB:

support@primemybody.com. That would be your first action to take. 

If you would like  to speak with me (Jane) , call 719-428-9746. Thank you!

​​Replay for Zorra's Healing Call 7-6-2017

​Come listen to Zorra's  update on the Republic that was planned for the 4th of July and also on where things stand with the GCR/RV situation. 

Many again were healed and even went over time.  It was all good! Stay in JOY!


Hello beloved Masters,  

Today, June 6th, we look forward to a Healing Call. Many are going through emotional and  mental stresses. There are those who are suffering from physical ailments. It does not matter the concern or illness. These will be addressed and healed!

We are amazing beings state our family from On High. However, we cannot know this truth until we have fully acknowledged our self worth as Galactic Humans who are powerful and magnificent. When will we stop doubting what and who we really are? Is it because we don't see visible outcomes and signs. 

Also, when do we start seeing ourselves not as physical beings first but as spiritual beings who can fully embrace our infinite nature of Love and Light? The reality is that we can empower ourselves to let go of evertyhing we no longer need or that which brings our vibrations down into 3-4 D.

So the real test of yesterday was, how did you feel when you did not hear the announcement of the Republic or 800#s? Now, some of you decided to celebrate and have some fun! Then there were some who again felt disappointed and frustrated. Which scenario did you choose for yourself?

Well, we welcome what Zorra has to share with us! Come and join us!

May harmony, peace, joy, love and abundance be with each of you!

Zorra, Saraiya, Zaraya and Quazar


Zorra Call - June 24, 2015:



Replay of Primemybody’s Hemp Oil with Peter Sterling 6-24-17


Tel. 641-715-0744, Access code 5543878#, Ref 21

Today, June 26, 2017 Avo (Avedis Dermikaelian) and his family needs our help again. He will be going to Court Wednesday regarding being evicted. In the meantime he is broke and needs additional money to help with food and bills. He is pleading for our assistance. Below is the information from his original email to us:

At this point, he needs all the help we can give him. Here is his information:
Name:  Avedis Dermikaelian
Email:  surphyer999@gmail.com
Address:  4261 Stevenson Blvd., Apt 194
                          Freemont, CA  94538
Tel #:  510-925-9006

He has a paypal account so we can send money to him more quickly: click on  "send to friends and family" and use his email address to identify him on paypal.com. His email again is:  surphyer999@gmail.com 
Google his work:  Murals by Avo.
We all know that our exchange is at hand, but in the meantime, please let us all try and help them. Let us also send him our love and support that he will triumph over this situation. 

Jane and Billie

  "Message from Suzy Star':


JUNE 5, 2017

Dear ones,

I hate to keep asking for help but I have no where else to turn!!! Every little bit helps and I am so stressed out with my overwhelming expenses that it is difficult to function. They are saying we could have the RV and the prosperity packages but they haven't arrived yet. If you can help me, please do.




Save the date!!! June 11th 9 pm EST  You don't want to miss this.

We are having a team update call Sunday, June 11th at 9 pm eastern. 
You'll hear the latest on product updates, promotions and more. 
Learn the identity of our chemist - a Dr recognized by his peers as 'the expert' in nanotechnology. 
We will share the exciting news about an upcoming documentary with testimonials from Prime Hemp Oil users!  An award winning Internationally recognized documentary film producer will be on site at the launch gathering the success stories surrounding our amazing golden oil.  How will he choose? There's so many ... 
Lots more to reveal in this call with team members who will be sharing their experience at the launch. 
Sunday, June 11th at 9:00 pm EST
Dial in:
(712) 770-4349
Pin #579337

See you there!  


     PMB Hemp Oil and Peter Sterling's Angelic Music
Join Peter Sterling and Lorraine Eldridge for this special call! 

Re-Play:  641-715-0744, access code:  554387#, Ref # 20



To become involved as a customer or as an affiliate/partner here is our website for Primemybody:


Contact: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com      Tel.  719-428-9746                           
            (Leave a message so we can return your call)

Many thanks to Peter and Lorraine for making this possible!

REPLAY Zorra Call - May 13, 2017

-  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zorraofhollowearth.com 

Youtube link:

What a Wondrous, Glorious and Loving Day it is!



           Re-Play Info:  Zorra, OWK and Peter Sterling!

                                Saturday, April  29, 2017


Play back: (641) 715-0744, Access code: 554387#, Ref # 19

Our Conference Call today was very informative and up-lifting. First I would like to apologize for the interruptions and loss of connections that we had. Nevertheless, we made it and thank you all for your patience! 
Zorra and One Who Knows spoke during the first hour and at the end of the show. Questions about Trusts, 800#'s, Zim, NDA, Cabal, pyramids, etc. Both Zorra and OWK concur that the exchange is happening as we speak but the announcement for "us" is very imminent. One Who Knows said that "things are really good right now". 
Our lesson is:  Live your day in the joy and peace knowing it is here, in the present! That collectively, we are bringing prosperity to our world through our love vibrations!

Peter Sterling spoke and answered all the questions relating to Primemybody's Nano-enchanced Hemp Oil. He informed us that research has shown that we are actually deficient of the cannabinoids. 
He went on to say that we have the endocannabinoid system that plays a very important role effecting our  glandular and immune system. He said that research has shown that it is the master regulatory system in our bodies that regulates all of our body systems and brings perfect balance with each other. 
This unique Hemp Oil has worked wonders if not miracles for the many who have taken it! Listen to the call for more great information!

Date:  Saturday, April 29, 2017 
Play back: (641) 715-0744, Access code: 554387#
                                 Ref # 19    

To become involved as a customer or as an affiliate/partner here are the websites : 
Rain International:
    Contact us at: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com  
                                  Tel.  719-428-9746

(Leave a message so we can return your call)


                This is a special treat for all of us!

On April 28th, I finally interviewed Aang Aakha who is the one we weren't able to come into our Blogtalk show and very happy I did. I am sending you the link to this beautiful and enlightening call. He used to be involved in the computer industry and now is on this very spiritual path. Many of you will be able to relate. Enjoy his story and his guided meditation! Here's the link:


Or    http://blogtalkradio.com/zorraofhollowearth.com


                                  "   Be all that you Are"
                               It means to transform and awaken

   It means to expand and go beyond

It means to become like a child, 
 curious, fun, open and trusting,
It means to grow in love, wisdom 
and understanding,
           It means to be flexible and in harmony, 
      It means to know that anything and 
everything is possible,
      It means to know you are co-creator 
It means to know you are


Link to Zorra's Call Saturday, April 8, 2017

What a great show! Come and listen!


Violet Flame Meditation  - www.wellbeingalignment.com

I AM my I AM Presence. I breathe Light into my Heart Center. I am a temple of Light. I call forth the full power of the Violet Flame of forgiveness to transmute the causes, core, effects, habits, records, and memories of every thought, feeling, word or action I have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, known or unknown, that reflects anything associated with

(Name what you want to work on, such as: poverty consciousness, victimhood, separation, powerlessness, low vitality, suffering, ill health, disease, misuse of male or female energy, misuse of power, self-hatred, shame, belief in being bad, fear, rage, blame or hatred, negative judgment and prejudice, attachment to people doing things my way, or lack and limitation of any kind.)

With forgiveness and love as my intention, I blaze the Violet Flame through every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious Life Energy that has my signature on it in any place and time that reflects anything less than the Infinite Perfection of God.

I trust God to transmute every speck of my being into the Highest Love and Light, Health and Abundance.

I ask my I AM Presence to fill this space with the Golden Light of God’s Infinite Light, Love, Health, and Abundance.

In the name of my Father God, I accept this as accomplished. And so it is.

Nano-enhanced CBD Oil - Primemybody - April 1, 2017

Replay for conference CallPlay back: (641) 715-0744, Access code: 554387#

If you want the international numbers to our call, please go to our website, www.zorraofhollowearth.com  and under services you will see link for international numbers for your country. Just know that your provider may charge you a fee for the call. 

*Please note: Presently, the product is only available in the USA, China and Taiwan. However, they are working to expand internationally. 
To become involved as a customer or as an affiliate here's the website: 
    Contact us at: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com  or
                                        Tel.  719-428-9746                            
                    (Leave a message so we can return your call)

Zorra 3-4-2017 Call Replay Links & Notes

We had a great call and covered may topics including the RV, Healing Water being made available to the Surface population of Earth at Mt. Shasta, information on CBD oils, and I spoke on how to manifest/elicit Life-Giving Energy at Will plus a Meditation with Saraiya Here are the links to the call with the call notes below. 

Signed: One Who Knows


3-4-2017 Call Links:

Listen To Call:



Download Call MP3:


Contact Links:



Call Notes:

@ 5:55 Jane:


@ 13:50 Lorraine & Peter:

Our friend, Lorraine was with us and her friend and our special guest, another enlightened being, Peter Sterling who had a message about the CBD Oil. Peter will also be on our next call March 25th for a very personal presentation about his special spiritual awakening. You won't want to miss that!

For more information on Hemp Oil:


or call us a 719-428-9746

Last call with Dr. Lori and Lorraine
@ 37:30 One Who Knows:

There are 4 types of Manifestation:  #1) Feelings and Energy, #2) Thoughts & Actions, #3) Technical/Universe, and #4) Non Physical Help

Energy and Feelings are elicited (Manifested) together.  The more that something "Means" to you the more energy and emotions (Energy In Motion) is elicited whether good or Bad.  Worry and Fear elicit (Manifest) negative destructive energy, while Happiness and Joy elicit (Manifest) constructive energy.  Stay in joy in all you think and do to elicit Positive Life-Giving, invigorating energy.   Find your passion and you will elicit all the energy to need for a great life.  Boredom is a direct result of a meaningless life.  Add meaning to your life and the energy will come automatically.

@ 47:00 Zaraya:

Read some passages from Dianne Robbins Books: Messages From Hollow Earth. They wish us well and look forward to the time in which they can come to the surface realm and meet us.  Love must come first as we are all one.  When they come up they will bring new technologies to us that will clean up our pollution and cure all diseases.  You can get a copy of this book and many others at:


@ 56:00 Zorra:

Healing water is available at Mt. Shasta.  It has been "channeled" from Hollow Earth to Telos in Mt. Shasta and then directed to the surface where we can drink it.  It has a special healing ingredient that cures most everything.   The best water on Earth.  However, once the people of Hollow Earth come to the surface after Disclosure, they will bring the technology to make all water Healing water, but for now, it is only available from a spring at the base of Mt. Shasta.

GCR: It is happening in different parts of the World right now and will be here very soon.

Trump is playing his part

One Who Knows:  There are many different types of Prosperity payments which are different than the currency exchanges.


Exchange 800 numbers may be different than we think.   Look for Exchange instructions to show up which have everything you need to know. 

Expect Mortgages, credit card debts, and student loans to be cancelled.

Radiation and pollution in the Pacific is being removed by the Galactics.

Building a Pyramid 150 feet tall (Frame only) will stop tornadoes and hurricanes from causing harm due to the energy they create.

More information:

More information about the future of Earth and Healings as well

@ 2:40:00 Saraiya

Special Meditation for Healing and improvement


Regarding The Last Zorra Call (2-18-2017):

Here are the Listen/Download Links for the Zorra Call 2/18/2017 

Listening Link


Download Link


Zaraya spoke about Gnomes and his personal experiences with them.Since that call, one of the listeners was able to get a picture of a Gnome in their yard and sent it in for all of us to see.Remember, they MUST wear hats/caps since their pineal gland sticks up out of the top of their head and needs to be protected.  
[Inline image 1]

[Inline image 8]

See More

More information:www.HealingPyramidEnergy.com

More information about the future of Earth and Healings as well

@ 2:40:00 Saraiya

Special Meditation for Healing and improvement




To become unlimited is to be without fear, without hate, without bitterness. To become unlimited, means you can love no matter what you see before you. "   Ramtha


     "ZORRA'S Call, Sat., 2-18th"

You tube link:


Here are the Listen/Download Links for the Zorra Call 2/18/2017 

Listening Link 


Download Link


Don't miss this link: 2-13-2017

"How to Be Confident" - One Who Knows

The new Nano Enhanced CBD Oil with 100% bioavailability is an excellent dietary supplement to help your entire body. It is amazing. Here's a link if you are interested or have any questions. 


Contact:  Jane  719-428-9746

Zorra's Saturday Blogtalkradio show: 2/4/2017

We are in the process of editing Zorra's Saturday's call and once completed, we will furnish you with the link to the call. You can still go to Blogtalkradio for the recording. See the link below for the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Lorraine  -  speaks briefly about a new 100%   
                       bioavailable CBD - Interesting info!



Faster, stronger, and more effective, Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil far outpaces tinctures. The advanced technology behind this ground-breaking liquid delivery system makes for precise dosing and immediate effect.


 Utilizing a unique liposomal delivery system, which dramatically improves the bioavailability of the oil. Our product is a Dietary Supplement and contains industrial hemp extract derived from the whole hemp plant, which delivers healthful benefits, without the psychoactive or “high" effect associated with this type of botanical.

Do you want the best CBD? Here's the link:


Give readers more of the specific details involving the sale. Focus on brand names, prices, and availability.

Lorraine - "Need some help clearing emotional   
                      baggage and issues? "

ADVANCED “Emotional Clearing - DNA & Beyond” with Lorraine Eldridge

Experts agree emotion is the root cause for most, if not all, of our imbalances, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Have you been clearing emotional issues and yet, you still are not where you want to be? You still want something more?  Are there lingering physical issues you haven’t been able to bring into balance?  Do you experience emotional reactions, anxiety or other imbalances that are keeping you from having a healthy and joyous life?  You just want to feel better?  Do you want more wellness and abundance in your life? 

What if there was a way to clear conscious and subconscious trauma from your cellular memory?

Join Lorraine Eldridge on this very special “Emotional Clearing – DNA & Beyond” workshop with 2 90 minute calls where you will learn how to clear subconscious and conscious traumatic memory. You will be able to apply these simple clearing steps to relieve daily stressful situations and to clear unknown causes of imbalance in your body.  It works!

Do you know that most of our imbalances are the result of subconscious trauma – meaning we do not know the cause. What if you could learn a way to easily and gently clear subconscious trauma? Would you do it? 

Do you know that experts worldwide agree that most of our imbalances are from unresolved childhood trauma?  What if you could gently and easily clear subconscious and conscious childhood trauma?

What if you there was an easy, gentle way to go deep to the root cause and really make a difference in lingering physical issues, emotional problems and how you feel in general? 

What if there was a way to clear the programming in your DNA & Beyond that keeps you from experiencing wellness and joy and could restore balance in your everyday life?

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When we are clearer in our vibration, when we clear subconscious and conscious traumatic cellular memory, it has a impact on our life and an impact on the lives of our family and friends. In fact, as each one of us becomes clearer it has a positive impact on the whole universe.  Please forward this email with our special workshop information to least 3 people. Give those you care about the opportunity to experience clearing subconscious and conscious trauma. Your friends will get the same special workshop price.  Workshop is 2 calls of 90 minutes each. February 14th & February 21st 8:00pm EST – 9:30pm EST

Can’t make the dates – No Worries – Calls are recorded. US and International Numbers, and also listen via computer available.

 Price in includes both calls, recordings and “Emotional Clearing – DNA & Beyond” Guidebook

Workshop is 2 calls – Feb 14 & Feb 21st 8:00pm EST to 9:30pm EST /  Fee in includes both calls, recordings and “Emotional Clearing – DNA & Beyond” Guidebook

Both calls for $33.00   Link takes you directly to Lorraine’s shopping cart. Choose PayPal or Check Out Debit or Credit Card. A confirmation email will be emailed to within 24 hours of registration.  Registration closes on Feb 12th

REGISTER TODAY!   Use this link to get both calls for $33 


May harmony, peace, joy, love and laughter be with you always!


Quasar, Zaraya and Zorra


Jan. 21, 2017

Hello Beloved Masters,

 Here's the complete information and link for all of you about a private conference call we had with Zorra, Zaraya, One Who Knows and myself today. It cover's the information about the 800#s, free will and more. 

We thank One Who Knows for making this link possible for all of us. 


May harmony, peace, joy, love, laughter and healing be with each of you.


​Quazar, Zaraya, ZORRA and Saraiya





Hello beloved Masters,

It seems that waiting for the 800#s are foremost on peoples minds and they find themselves at a loss for what to focus on in the meantime. We are also anticipating what will come of the inauguration.
Things are just up in the air! 

So how about we concentrate on the energy of Love. How about letting Love just fill you up and Light you up
and know that whatever happens is going to be perfect as it will be in Divine order. 

Know that you do have an important part in the manifestation of whatever is, so lift you vibratory frequency higher and higher with your thoughts, words and actions. 
You can do it, we can do it. Do it at every moment. Let our collective frequency and consciousness levels reach the heavens. Let go of all 3D illusions and only allow only that brings you truth, joy, peace, harmony and much laughter become your true reality. And so it is.  

Now if you did not yet listen to the latest conference call on Jan. 15, 2017 with Zorra, One Who Believes and myself, here is the link below. During this call, I did have to interrupt and ask Zorra to give as clear an answer about the arrival of the 800#'s and if it sounded as if I was pressuring and seemed disrespectful that was not my intent in any way. I was only trying to make it clearer so people would not misunderstand what was being said since some people said it was not clear on the previous Blogtalk radio show.  Here is the link:


Other Updates:
I received this message from Suzy Star a couple of days ago.  She is a wonderful Lightwkrker in her eighties who is driven to get better because she has a large humanitarian project she wants to see through to completion and now needs a little of our help. Here is her letter below. If you can, here is her letter. 

Dear Ones, 
Now that my Stem Cell treatment has happened it has been determined that I need further surgery to complete the procedure. I have been to the rehab center to build up my strength prior to this surgery  My insurance did not cover all the expenses incurred so now I am struggling to pay these bills while I wait for the good Doctors to perform the needed surgery. Please help me with this. Any donation big or small from many contributors will ease this burden. You can also help by ordering Gematria Products at my special price listed on my website, www.suzystar.net and Gematria will credit me with their wholesale price.You can also contribute through my PayPal account or at the site listed below.


For those of you who prefer to send me a check, my mailing
address is: 87948 Dowdy Lane, Springfield, O97478
and if you would like to see an update on my mission in
life: www.suzystar.net

A Special Mention:

"A Thank you to One Who Believes"

Many, many of our Zorra community very much appreciate your hard work (joy) and sharing your insights and wisdom with all of us. We just wanted to let you know that what you do at the front lines of our Dinarland media takes love and courage to speak the truth even when it does not align with others especially when you uncover misinformation.  We all look forward to more of your encouraging and wonderful work. Keep up the great work! We thank you very much!!!

 From:  Zorra and the Hollow Earth Community

What a wondrous, glorious and loving day it is!

Quasar and  Zaraya

P.S. A few of you have emailed us stating that part of the newsletter becomes chopped off. Constant contact checked into this matter and said that the newsletter is not the problem and that it maybe coming at your end. So check with your phone or computer provider. Maybe they could correct the issue. We apologize that you are having this issue. 



Today, Jan. 12th, on the Blogtalkradio show,  we covered many topics from the high energies that are flooding Terra earth, to the Intel news of the RV, Trump, the Republic, to Taansen and then One Who Believes and also about Anne. It was insightful, meaningful as it was informative and loving. 

​We invite you to come and listen to our call:


In addition, come and see this link below:

Title: "Fear Feeds Itself" by One Who Believes



Zorra's blogtalkradio show 1-7-2017


Replay: the call was saved-thanks to One Who Believes who sent this link. Excellent message from One Who Believes who inspires and teaches at the same time. Taansen, of course, continues to provide us with important information especially related to our blessings.  He reminds us through his work, that we must align with what we believe in and that is freedom from the present enslavement due to our present financial system and government.  


​When I thought the call was not recorded, One Who Believes suggested that we have a quick conference call with Zorra which we did and here it is. Turned out to be a 45 min. call and it's worth listening to!

Summary from One Who Believes:

Listen To Call:

Download Link:

Call Notes:

Some Of The Important Intel Points


No Groups Needed
Individuals can exchange at the high rates
We will get 800#s to call when it is time
There will be 800#s for other countries as well
There are exchange/redemption centers at offsite locations
Expecting a BIG Announcement in Europe Shortly
Big Meeting going on in Washington at this moment on the GCR
All Countries have high "Sovereign Rates" just different amounts for different countries
Iraq Is Done RE: NESARA

The Plan: It will be announced before or perhaps during the GCR
The Republic will be announced shortly as well
Cease Fire in Iraq Due to HUGE UFO "Decloaking" and telling them to quit fighting
All People of the Earth will get funds from the St. Germaine's Trust
Plan is that Trump Will Not Be President
New Election will in 120 days to elect a new PresidentFree Will

Free Will, will be restricted temporarily, just to get the GCR started and then returned back to normal
The date and time of Free Will Removal will not be publishedVideos: Zorra's Ship Destroying 150 mile wide Asteroid Over Russia, saving the World.

Thank You Zorra!

Alien UFO Shoots Down Russian Meteor 2013 (HD)

Amazing UFO attacked the meteorite to defend ourselves, Russia, Feb 15, 2013 HD

Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteor explosion that stirred panic in Urals region

































​Zorra of Hollow Earth